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Medium Woven Sisal Planter

$ 34.00

This beautiful brightly dyed sisal and sweet grass planter basket is handwoven by craftswomen in Rwanda using ancient techniques rich in cultural meaning and purpose. This basket is great for dressing up ordinary planters. It can also be used as a catch-all or a chic desk organizer.

  • Approximately 3.5” wide, 3.5" high
  • Made in Rwanda
  • Product is made from all natural fibers of sisal and sweet grass and organic dyes
  • Safe to use with food

*All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size. 


All Across Africa seeks to empower citizens of underprivileged and rural African communities by helping them establish rewarding careers as artisans. Each basket is woven by talented artisans in Uganda and Rwanda, where the very skill is a product of tradition passed down from mother to child. The traditional styles, shapes, and designs hold symbolism defined in the history of the craft. 

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