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Kristine Salviejo Woven Placemats

$ 26.00

The Rosario woven placemats by Kristine Salviejo are brightly colored in a striking pattern that would add style to any table setting. They also work well to protect and accessorize small side tables or dressers. Woven using time honored techniques from artisans in the Philippines, these are sure to become modern heirlooms in your home for years to come.

  • Woven by Filipino artisans using traditional patterns dating back to the 1500s
  • Made with local Filipino cotton 
  • Handwash



Inspired by the way traditional crafts and materials represent the history of a culture, Kristine Peñafiel Salviejo collaborates with local craftspeople in various places in the world. the collections are meant to support the artisans and local communities while also highlighting their level of craftsmanship. Currently, her focus is on the Philippines, where her family is from. Kristine is influenced by her own nomadic lifestyle and how that can limit and enhance her everyday - not to be less attached but to keep only objects of meaning, quality and versatility.

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