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I Like It Here Club Fun Signet Ring, silver

$ 88.00

This lovely and flattering signet ring is engraved with the word "fun" and is the perfect reminder that life should be lived in the moment and full of joy. The sterling silver band is shiny and polished without letting onto its secret business of enhancing your fun quotient. Join the club!

  • Sterling Silver.
  • Made in Wilmington, North Carolina.



The materials of I Like It Here Club are chosen for their quality, and qualities: each piece promotes positivity and protection, adventure and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming and clear, pure joy. With delicate precision and heritage craft skills, Yeager creates pieces of jewelry that are both quiet, and comfortable, yet unique, inimitable stunners, showstoppers. I Like It Here Club is a bit like alchemy, transmuting the raw beauty of the earth into something truly magical. 

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